Why Portland Offices Need Hot Tea Service

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Why Portland Offices Need Hot Tea Service


Hot tea is the perfect drink to chase away the winter cold. It warms the body while offering many health benefits. That makes it a great addition to your Portland break room services.

Plus, there are many different options, from calming to spicy. We offer well-known brands such Stash®, Bigelow®, and The Bright Tea Co®. And, if you’re looking for other types for your Portland tea service, let us know and we’ll find them for you.

Keep reading to learn about some of our most popular herbal varieties.


This classic winter flavor is perfect as tea. The bright, fresh flavor wakes up the senses, improving your mood. It’s also known to calm upset stomachs and help relieve headaches.

Grab some peppermint tea to go along with a salty snack from your Portland vending machine. It’s the ideal self soothing balm before the start of a hectic workday.

Ginger Tea

Tea made with ginger root offers an earthy, spicy kick. It can be great for calming nausea, but also provides weight-management benefits. According to Healthline, ginger increases thermogenesis – the way your body produces heat – which burns fat. Research also shows it may help break down fat, inhibit fat storage, and improve blood sugar control.

Try adding lemon or honey to the brew to balance the tang of ginger. Royal ReFresh can ensure those items are included in your break room through Portland office pantry or coffee service.

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Chamomile is a perfect midday drink. Made from the chamomile flower, this hot tea offers calming benefits that reduce anxiety. Feeling a cold coming on? Chamomile will soothe that sore throat and stuffy nose. But the best part is that being herbal means it’s naturally caffeine free. You won’t get caffeine jitters or be unable to fall asleep in the evening.

Chamomile is great with healthy snacks. Aim for a high-protein, low-carbohydrate snack such as nuts. That will help keep you satisfied until dinner.

Turmeric Tea

Another caffeine-free beverage to try is nutritious and delicious turmeric tea. Made from the same plant as the spice, it packs some great health benefits. The amount of turmeric usually found in one cup can provide manganese, iron, and bioactive compounds which promote health.

Turmeric tea can boost your mood too, making it a great daytime beverage. Enjoy it with some fresh food from your Portland micro-market.

Get Tea Service in your Portland Break Room

Brew up more than coffee in your break room. Bring in herbal teas that promote immune system health and a sense of feeling refreshed. It’s easy with a refreshment services partner like Royal ReFresh. Reach out for any break room service needs at (503) 704-9759.

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