A subsidized Avanti Market is a value add to the company and its employees

A company-subsidized micro-market provides employees with discounted or complimentary fresh food, beverages, and snacks. This service is accessible to businesses with as few as 20 employees. The micro-market is equipped with a secure self-serve kiosk, allowing employees to conveniently purchase items using cash, credit cards, or mobile wallets.

A subsidized Avanti Market can improve the workplace culture, boost employee satisfaction and offer the business a valuable asset to leverage within their recruitment and retention strategies.

Subsidized self-serve micro-markets in Portland

A subsidized micro-market benefits
the business and its employees

Company Culture

Attract new talent, retain valuable employees, and enhance the workplace culture.

Healthy Options

Use the market to help employees make positive food choices with fresh food, snacks, and beverages.

Save Money

Employees will appreciate saving money with free or reduced-cost products in the market.


Employees can avoid the hassle of having to find refreshments off-site leading to increased productivity.

Transform the break room into a micro-market

Businesses looking to eliminate or downscale their on-site cafeteria should consider a partial or fully subsidized micro-market.

A subsidized micro-market is a cost-effective solution for the company as we do the heavy lifting to manage the market.

Leverage the market to recognize employee performance, team achievements, and company milestones.

Consider if a hybrid micro-market solution is right for your company. With a hybrid solution, some products are free while other products are at full or partially reduced prices.

Stand apart from other companies and strengthen your talent acquisition strategy with a subsidized micro-market.

Revamp the break room with a subsidized custom micro-market solution.
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