Keep employees hydrated with clean filtered water.

No matter the filtrated option you choose, you’ll enjoy easy access to pure and refreshing water all day long.

What do you need?

We are a one-stop-shop that offers multiple water and ice options.


Got specific space specifications? Don’t worry; we have three filtrated water options for you to choose from:


Reduce the need for counter or floor space with our plumbed-in water filtration line.


Large offices with more water consumption will enjoy the perks of a 5-gallon water solution.


Enjoy the great taste of fresh sparkling water in the break room with the Water Logic© water dispenser.

Crystal Light©

Add flavor to sparkling water with Crystal Light Sparkling Water Enhancers.


Whether you’re looking to enjoy your favorite iced coffee or simply enjoy a cold glass of ice water,
the Follet© ice machine makes it possible.

Water filtration services in Portland

Today’s employees are prioritizing reducing their impact on the planet.

By providing a solution for your employees to fill their reusable water, you’re supporting their lifestyle choices and, in turn, boosting your office morale.

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