Flavia Brewers Deliver Premium Coffee to Portland Break Rooms

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Flavia Brewers Deliver Premium Coffee to Portland Break Rooms


The quality of a company’s service or product often determines its success. Here at Royal ReFresh, we don’t just believe that. We LIVE it. That’s why we proudly offer Flavia Brewers as part of our Portland, Eugene, and Salem break room solutions. The Flavia C600 makes much more than delicious single-cup coffee. It improves workplace culture.

Flavia Brewer C600: Excellence in Action

We want to provide only the best office coffee services to Portland businesses. Thus, we stand behind all of our products. The Flavia C600 is a top-of-the-line brewer. We strongly believe it’ll make your break room better. How?

For starters, this brewer improves taste and cleanliness by eliminating cross-contamination. Flavors are never compromised, ensuring every cup tastes fresh.

Additionally, the Flavia C600 makes a wide array of drinks, including coffee, cold drinks, creamy lattes, teas, or infused office water. This supports health and wellness, helping employees stay hydrated and feel their best.

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Lastly, the Flavia C600 is eco-friendly. It uses 70% less energy than traditional brewers. This embodies our commitment to sustainability.

We love this brewer so much that we even use it in our break room!

We Practice What We Preach

At Royal ReFresh, we offer more than great products. We believe every employee deserves the best break room possible. That’s why we help Eugene businesses create better break rooms.

For example, we offer onsite convenience through our micro-markets! We can personalize these mini convenience stores to your unique needs. Micro-markets are open 24/7 allowing employees to buy delicious, wholesome meals, snacks, and beverages whenever they want! Best of all, they are an upgrade compared to a traditional Portland vending service.

Subsidized micro-markets are also a great way to reward your team. Offer discounts on employees’ favorite items. Or, cover the cost of healthy products to support employee wellness.

Furthermore, we help you promote employee health by offering Portland water cooler service that provides your workplace with fresh, clean water free of impurities. This allows employees to stay hydrated and focused throughout the day.

Get Your Free Flavia Brewer Demo Today

Want to see if the Flavia C600 is right for you? We believe in this brewer so much that we want others to try it, risk-free! Reach out today to request your free Flavia demo. This exclusive offer is available to our clients with over 40 employees or guests onsite.

Contact us today at (503) 704-9759 for more info about our office coffee, vending, micro-market, and office pantry solutions.

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