Waterlogic water filtration services in Portland

Waterlogic© dispensers offer better water for the break room

Transform your Portland break room into a refreshment oasis with the ideal water filtration system. Give your employees with the choice of still, sparkling, or hot water to enhance their coffee or tea. With Waterlogic water dispensers, you can provide a hygienic, touchless experience that prioritizes employee safety. Whether you opt for the sleek free-standing model or the space-efficient countertop version, both are compatiblewith most modern office spaces.

Quench the thirst of your workforce with the cleanestand freshest water available in the workplace. Keep your employees satisfied and energized with every sip they take.

Employee benefits to smile about


Strengthen employee interactions and make work more enjoyable

Encourage Healthier Lifestyles

A smart healthy water service that can promote healthier choices

Strengthen Employee Retention

Retain talent and boost employee happiness and satisfaction


Reduces the use of plastic bottles and encourages sustainability


Boost employee performance
and production


Hands-free functionality gives employees peace of mind

Waterlogic in Portland

Enjoy a variety of thirst-quenching
flavor enhancements

Who says drinking water has to be boring? Add Crystal Light Water Flavor Enhancers to your water and shake up your day with a delicious and thirst-quenching beverage.

The eco-friendly solution
for great tasting water

Drinking better water starts with using the latest technology and innovations. Waterlogic© dispensers feature Firewall® UVC purification technology, which ensures a safe and sustainable way for employees to enjoy great tasting water. Help improve the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by adding a Waterlogic water dispenser to your Portland break room.

Upgrade your Portland area break room with Waterlogic© water filtration.

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