5 Ways to Show Kindness in Your Portland Workplace

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5 Ways to Show Kindness in Your Portland Workplace


Kindness makes the world a better place. Not only that but being kind can improve your mood and reduce anxiety. Plus, in your Portland office, kindness can contribute to creating a positive and supportive community. Everyone can benefit from that.

Are you ready to get started? Here are five ways to show kindness in the office:

How to Show Kindness in the Workplace

1. Help Your Coworkers

Make a point to notice how your Portland coworkers are doing and try to help them. If possible, you can also collaborate with them on projects. Sometimes, two brains are better than one. For example, you can take a few minutes to brainstorm with a coworker to make progress on projects that are stuck or come up with solutions to problems. Even making an offer to help someone meet a tight deadline is a kind gesture.

2. Show Kindness with a Smile

When you pass others in the office, smile! Smiles are contagious and can promote bonding between yourself and your colleagues. Plus, smiles reduce stress. You’ll improve their mood and brighten their day.

3. Acknowledge Achievements

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Did your coworker knock a presentation out of the park? Or perhaps they simply made it through a hard week. When you recognize coworkers for achievements, they will feel motivated.  Everyone appreciates when their efforts are being recognized. Acknowledging achievements can boost the mood in your Portland office.

What is the best way to acknowledge achievements? A word of congratulations, or saying “great job!” are great encouragements. If you want to go above and beyond, treat your coworker to a candy bar from our Portland vending machine.

4. Say “Thank You” with Refreshments

Did your coworker do you a favor? Or perhaps they helped you out during a meeting. No matter what it is, the perfect way to say “thank you” is with a special snack or beverage. Simply pick up something at your Portland micro-market! Or, get them a cup of coffee in the morning. Your coworker is sure to appreciate the thought.

5. Just Listen!

This is a lost art today. Sometimes coworkers just need to vent or talk about something other than work. Invite a colleague to a coffee break at your Portland office coffee bar and have a chat. Taking a moment to listen is a true act of kindness your coworkers will welcome.

Kindness for a Positive Workplace

Being kind is a great way to bring positivity to your Portland office. Relationships often take a back seat to meeting deadlines and achieving results. Yet, prioritizing relationships is great for boosting company culture. Connection to others can also increase motivation and stave off burnout, Harvard Business Review notes.* The good news is that small acts of kindness like the above can make a big difference!

Royal ReFresh can help bring even more positivity to your Portland workplace with our break room solutions. To learn more, call us today at (503) 704-9759.

*The Power of Healthy Relationships at Work, July 21, 2022


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