Traditional office coffee service for Portland businesses

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Traditional office coffee service for Portland businesses


Employees expect to start their workday with a cup of coffee. As an employer, it’s important to offer quality coffee in the break room. Otherwise, employees will have to make it at home or stop by the local coffee shop before work. Neither option is good for many employees.  For instance, the coffee made at home can go cold by the time the employee reaches the office. Therefore, they can’t enjoy it at work. Buying coffee from a coffee shop can get costly. Plus, employees waste time standing in line to place an order. Our Portland office coffee service allows you to offer employees high-quality coffee in the break room. In short, employees will want to stay on-site during coffee breaks.

Traditional office coffee service

Royal ReFresh offers a traditional Portland office coffee service for medium to large companies with high coffee consumption. Employees can enjoy pots of aromatic, quality coffee throughout the day.

Meet the reliable Newco ACE-AP brewer

Portland Office Coffee Service | Traditional Office Coffee Service | Coffee | Office Pantry Service | Refreshment Solutions

We offer clients the Newco ACE-AP, which brews plenty of coffee for the whole office. This brewer features a sleek and modern design and comes with many benefits.

  • Keeps coffee fresh and warm for 2 or more hours without breaking down
  • Takes up minimal space in the break room
  • Water level detection system that eliminates evaporation short pots
  • Gravity hot water faucet system that can dispense hot water without altering the brew volume
  • Flashing “brew light” during the brewing process alerts the user that the coffee is being prepared

To sum up, the Newco ACE-AP is ideal for businesses that want to brew premium coffee by the pot.

Elevate the coffee service experience

For a custom coffee experience, try our single-cup Portland office coffee service. We offer the Flavia C600 brewer to give your employees customized cups of cafe-quality coffee.  It can brew specialty beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, and more. And, with touchless technology, employees can customize each cup using a smartphone. In other words, your office can enjoy the quality and variety of a coffee shop without the hassle and cost of visiting one with the Flavia C600.

Benefits of java in the office

Offering coffee has so many benefits for your employees. They feel more energized and motivated throughout the day. Furthermore, it also helps employees stay focused and productive. Taking a coffee break helps them build social bonds with their peers. Most importantly, employees can stay on-site for coffee breaks, which reduces lost time at work.  In addition, you can make employees feel valued and appreciated by adding a Portland office pantry service to the coffee service. They’ll be able to enjoy delicious coffee and grab-and-go refreshments in the break room.

Coffee in the breakroom is a must

In short, our state-of-the-art brewers combined with popular coffee brands are designed to meet the needs of your Portland office. In fact, according to the Spring 2022 National Coffee Data Trends report by the National Coffee Association (NCA), “66% of Americans now drink coffee each day.”  If you don’t offer premium coffee in the break room, now may be the time to reconsider.

For more information about our break room services, including micro-markets, office coffee services, vending, or national vending, please contact Royal ReFresh at (503) 704-9759 or We look forward to hearing from you.

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