vending machines and office coffee service in WoodlandOur Woodland vending machines are efficient and easy

At Royal Refresh, we offer quality food, beverage, and snack vending machines that will keep your Woodland employees more than satisfied. Our Woodland vending machines carry a wide variety of tasty snack and beverage items, and so much more! Additionally, our state of the art vending equipment is fully customizable. Employees can pay for our vending machines via Apple Wallet or Google Pay. We promise to provide an easy and enjoyable experience for your Woodland employees!

The greatest office coffee service and water filtration in Woodland

At Royal Refresh, we understand the importance of keeping your Woodland employees hydrated and energized. Our Woodland office coffee service is the best you can get, with a large variety of coffee and tea services! Whether your employee prefers a traditional coffee brewing system or a relaxing hot cup of tea, we can provide the service you need.

Your employees deserve access to cold water throughout a long workday and we have the hydration solution for you! Our Woodland water filtration service has multiple options for cold water, as well as access to ice or sparkling water.

vending service and micro-markets in WoodlandWoodland micro-markets for your business

If you are looking to upgrade your employees’ experience at work, our Woodland micro-markets are the perfect way to give back! With the installation of a micro-market, your Woodland employees get to enjoy the benefits of having a mini convenience store at the job site. The racks, displays, and coolers of your micro-market are customizable to create the right atmosphere for your employees. Our micro-markets are accessible 24/7, with self-serve kiosks that support easy, touchless transactions. To make things more convenient, your Woodland micro-market will conduct automatic inventory reports and restock items before they run out!

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