vending machines and office coffee service in WilsonvilleWilsonville vending machines at your convenience

At Royal Refresh, we promise to upgrade your break room experience with our Wilsonville vending machines. Our high-tech vending machines carry a variety of on-trend and healthy snack, beverage, and meal options. Additionally, our state of the art vending equipment is fully customizable! Wilsonville employees can enjoy their favorite snack items without ever having to leave the break room. Furthermore, our vending machines accept mobile payment options at your Wilsonville employees’ convenience.

Professional office coffee service and water filtration in Wilsonville

When it comes to serving quality office coffee and tea to your Wilsonville employees, we’ve got you covered. Whether your employees prefer gourmet coffee or a single cup service, we strive to achieve the right brewing system for your Wilsonville office coffee service! Therefore, we will stock your Wilsonville office with the supplies needed to satisfy your employees. With a choice between a variety of unique brewers, employees will look forward to kick-starting their day with Royal Fresh.

In order to keep your employees refreshed all day long, we offer an advanced water filtration service. Our Wilsonville water filtration service gives your employees access to clean cold and hot water all throughout the work day!

vending service and micro-markets in WilsonvilleWilsonville micro-markets elevate your
business experience

With the installation of Wilsonville micro-markets, your employees will be rewarded with the ultimate break room experience. At Royal Fresh, we offer to install your very own open market for your Wilsonville office! Our customizable micro-markets boost your employees well-being with a wide selection of name brand snack and food options. With the use of self-checkout kiosks, micro-markets are accessible at any time and encourage employees to take advantage of them at their own leisure. Additionally, your Wilsonville micro-markets will receive automatic inventory reports that ensure items will be fresh and consistently restocked!

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