vending machines and water filtration service in CorvallisThe vending machines your Corvallis employees need

We know how to design the perfect snack, food and beverages vending machines for your Corvallis office break room. With vending machines from Royal Refresh, your Corvallis employees will stay satisfied and happy while at work. Not only are Corvallis vending machines convenient, but they also provide the latest snacks and beverages. We keep your vending machines stocked at all times and will work alongside you to create customizable machines for your employees, too! Everyone’s taste buds will be satisfied at the office!

Corvallis employees want elite office coffee & water filtration services

Your one stop shop for Corvallis office coffee and tea! At Royal Refresh we have the coffee brewing machines that will keep your employees energized all day long. From traditional coffee brewers to single cup brewing machines, there is something for every Corvallis business. Each of our Corvallis coffee machines provides high quality coffee in the best flavors. We will also help you keep your break room stocked by providing you with all the necessary supplies your employees may need! From cups and straws to creams and sugars, we have what you need!

With an advanced Corvallis water filtration system from Royal Refresh, your employees will be able to enjoy fresh tasting, clean water all day long. Our countertop and floor standing water systems dispense hot and cold water, which is the perfect addition to your Corvallis office coffee and tea service!

office coffee and micro markets in CorvallisMicro-markets take your Corvallis business
to new heights

Bring a modern take on vending to your Corvallis workplace! A micro-market is an open concept mini-store that will enhance your overall break room experience. Corvallis employees can come and go as they please and select their favorite snacks, beverages and meals. In addition, employees will be able to check out using their debit/credit card or mobile app in one of our self-checkout kiosks. Because our micro-markets use online reporting, we are able to see what items need to be restocked before we visit!

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