vending machines and office coffee service in ClackamasClackamas snack, food and beverage vending machines

Our state of the art Clackamas vending machines create exceptional break room experiences. Clackamas employees can enjoy their favorite beverages, snacks, meals and so much more. Food vending machines from Royal Refresh offer sandwiches, wraps and salads, which means Clackamas employees never have to worry about leaving work for lunch and can stay on-site to grab snacks and beverages. They also have the convenient option of paying with their debit or credit card or mobile app located on their smartphone.

The best office coffee & water filtration in Clackamas

At Royal Refresh, we are committed to providing quality office coffee and tea to your Clackamas employees. From traditional brewing equipment to single-cup brewing options, we have something for each Clackamas office. We are partnered with the latest brands to ensure your Clackamas employees are getting the flavors they want in the office! Because we are dedicated to creating a stress-free office environment, we want to help you stock your break room with all the necessary supplies to create a perfect cup of coffee. From stir sticks and napkins, to cream and sugar, we’ve got you covered.

Compliment your office coffee service with a beautifully designed water filtration system from Royal Refresh. Not only do our water units provide great tasting, fresh water, but they also reduce the use of plastic bottles in your Clackamas office! Clackamas employees will be able to enjoy hot and cold water throughout the day while working.

vending service and micro-markets in ClackamasThe most popular micro-markets in Clackamas

Give your Clackamas employees their very own corner store that allows them to personally pick out their food and beverages. Clackamas micro-markets are completely customizable and are filled with the latest brands and flavors. From hydrating beverages to fresh meals, there is something for everyone. Each micro-market comes equipped with self-checkout kiosks so that Clackamas employees can independently pay with their credit/debit card or mobile app. They also have the ability to remain open 24/7, which means employees can come and go at their convenience any time of the day!

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