vending machines and water filtration service in CanbyCanby has the best vending machines

Vending machines are a great addition to your Canby business. Our snack, food and beverage vending machines are built to last with our state of the art equipment and technology. Your Canby employees will enjoy having a variety of snacks, food and beverages to choose from, as we are partnered with many local and national brands. In addition, our Canby vending machines offer many great features such as credit/debit card readers and the ability to pay with Google Pay and Apple Wallet!

Canby’s office coffee & water filtration provider

Enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea is easy with office coffee service from Royal Refresh. We offer traditional brewers, as well as single cup brewers which allow Canby employees to brew their very own latte or favorite cup of coffee. New age brewing technology keeps your coffee at an ideal temperature so that Canby employees can enjoy hot coffee any time of day! At Royal Refresh, we are even willing to stock your break room with the supplies you need, such as cups, stir sticks, napkins, cream and sugar to create the perfect Canby office coffee experience.

At Royal Refresh we can help deliver the water your Canby employees need. Our Canby water filtration systems remove impurities and leave you with great tasting water, which is great for our coffee and teas. Our water filtration systems come in a floor standing and counter top model, both of which provide hot and cold water.

office coffee and micro markets in CanbyThe micro-market is what your Canby business needs

Adding a micro-market is a perfect choice for your Canby business. A Canby micro-market is essentially a mini convenience store added to your place of business. It is filled with a variety of fresh food options, healthy snacks and delicious beverages. At Royal Refresh, we will create a micro-market that is designed specifically for your Canby business and allows employees to collaborate amongst each other.

With an open-faced design, Canby employees can hand pick their favorites and independently pay at one of the self-checkout kiosks. Canby self-checkout kiosks are equipped with advanced technology, which allows customers to pay with their debit/credit card or mobile app.

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