Practice kindness to create a positive workplace culture

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Practice kindness to create a positive workplace culture


This year, National Random Acts of Kindness day is on February 17th. We’ve dedicated this blog post to share a few ideas on how you can practice kindness to celebrate this day. After all, we can always use more kindness in this world. And, it’s your chance to do something wonderful and unexpected for someone else.

Buy lunch for someone in the office

A great way to get to know someone is to have a meal with them. You can listen to their story and share yours.  Whether you enjoy your meal at a local restaurant or treat them to a delicious lunch in your Portland micro-market, they will appreciate it. In short, most people enjoy sharing their stories and bonding over a meal. In a professional setting, learning more about a co-worker could help you do your job more effectively.

Kill them with coffee and kindness

Kindness | Portland Vending | Portland Office Coffee | Micro-Markets | Office Pantry

A coffee break is welcome by most people. For example, if someone in the office is working on a stressful project, why not grab some coffee and bring it to them? Best of all, through our Portland office coffee service, they could enjoy premium coffee in the workplace. More importantly, you can uplift someone’s day by bringing them a cup of coffee while they work on an important project. It’s the thoughtful little gestures that make the biggest differences in our day.

Treat them with kindness and a tasty snack or beverage

Here’s a fun idea. Grab a tasty snack or beverage from our Portland vending machines and drop it on someone’s desk when they least expect it. For example, let’s say someone in your office went above and beyond to offer their support or assistance. Bringing a special treat such as their favorite snack or drink could be a fun and thoughtful way to acknowledge them. Most people love surprises that make them feel valued and appreciated.

Connect over healthy refreshments

If you work in a busy and hectic office, invite a colleague to share healthy refreshments from our Portland office pantry service. It’s a great way to force yourself to slow down, relax, recharge, and connect with your colleague. They’ll appreciate the time to connect and stop thinking about work for a few precious minutes.

To sum up, we at Royal ReFresh ask all of you to use this #RandomActsofKindnessDay to #MakeKindnessTheNorm.

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