How Portland Micro-Markets Benefit Employees and the Business

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How Portland Micro-Markets Benefit Employees and the Business


Have you heard about the latest refreshment solution for Portland break rooms? They are called micro-markets. They are perfect for companies that want to engage employees and increase productivity. Why do micro-markets work so well? It is because they provide benefits for both employees and employers. Read on to see just what micro-markets can do for your business.

What Are Micro-Markets?

Imagine hundreds of products accessible in your break room. That is a Portland micro-market. Picture fresh food and drinks in glass front coolers. Snacks and candy on open shelves. The open retail space means more variety can fit. And the best part is that the checkout process is completely automated. Employees take their items to the micro-market kiosk, then scan them and pay. It’s that simple. Plus, the kiosk takes various payment types, including cash, credit cards, and mobile pay. Therefore, it’s fast and easy to make purchases.

How Employees Benefit

Micro-markets are great options for lunches or quick snacks. All items are single-serve and easy to grab. Your team can eat right in the break room instead of leaving work, fighting traffic, waiting in line, etc. Plus, because employees eat onsite, the break room becomes a place for collaboration and building team bonds. And not just during lunchtime. Micro-markets are open all day, every day, so there’s always an opportunity to grab some treats and conversation.

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Portland employees love the variety in a micro-market. There are hundreds of food choices, quality snacks, and delicious drinks. Plus, the range of healthy products ensures there’s always something to meet any diet. It’s a win-win.

How Businesses Gain

It’s not just employees who benefit from micro-markets. Facilities and human resource managers do too. How? By Royal ReFresh doing the “heavy lifting” when it comes to stocking the break room. Think refreshment with no extra work. Plus, micro-markets put focus on workplace wellness with healthy products and create a gathering place for Portland teams.

A great way to use a micro-market is to celebrate company and office achievements. Add money to the employee’s micro-market account that can be used for free drinks and snacks. Your team will feel rewarded and appreciated.

Experience the Micro-Markets Effect

Few break room solutions are as impactful as micro-markets. They improve employee benefits and add to the bottom line. Because of that, they can be used to strengthen retention and recruiting too. Ask Royal ReFresh about all these benefits and more when it comes to Portland micro-markets.

Your break room is our priority, so reach out to Royal ReFresh at (503) 704-9759 or for a top-tier solution. We have micro-markets and all the break room refreshment solutions you need.

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