Perks of Portland Modern Vending Machine Solutions

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Perks of Portland Modern Vending Machine Solutions


Today’s modern vending technology has benefited workplaces in many ways. For example, it has boosted productivity, engagement, and staff satisfaction. In fact, these perks can be seen in the break room! Our Portland advanced vending solutions provide a fantastic experience to every employee.

Not convinced yet? Here are four benefits of upgrading your Portland break room with modern refreshment technology.

1. Remotely Monitored Inventory

Modern vending technology has come a long way! For instance, online inventory reports allow us to keep all of your snacks fully stocked with ease. This means we know when your favorite snacks are running low. Moreover, we know exactly what to bring to restock your Portland snack vending machine before leaving the warehouse.

Additionally, we are able to track what is selling, and what needs to be replaced. That way we can ensure the products you want are always available.

2. Convenient Payment Options

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Nowadays, many people prefer paying with credit cards or on their smartphones. Our mobile payment options ensure your team can easily pay for delicious drinks from their phones! For example, modern machines accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, tap-to-pay, and more! Be sure to equip your Portland refreshment services with the best vending technology out there.

Employees can take a stroll to the break room, whip out their phone or credit card, and pay instantly! No cash, no problem! Multiple payment options allow everyone to pay their way.

3. Better for the Environment

Another major perk of Portland modern vending machine solutions is that they’re super sustainable! In addition to decreasing fuel use, they also conserve power! For instance, LED lights use less power than traditional lights. Best of all, these eco-friendly features will also reduce your electric bill!

4. Boost Staff Satisfaction

Quality Portland refreshment services boost employee satisfaction! Cashless payment options and fully stocked snacks are major employee perks! Plus, your team can grab everything they need for a delicious meal without leaving the office.

Create the Ultimate Break Room Experience with Our Modern Vending Solutions!

So, are you ready to add top-notch Portland vending services to your break room? Royal ReFresh can help! We can help you pick the best products for your office’s needs. To learn more about how we can help elevate your break room experience, call us today at 503.704.9759.

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