Modern Technology You’ll Find in Our Portland Break Room Services

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Modern Technology You’ll Find in Our Portland Break Room Services


It’s a fast-paced world, which means your workplace needs to have an edge. One area that can play a crucial role in staying competitive is the break room. The right break room solutions can boost employee retention and attract top talent. Royal ReFresh can help you do that. We are a trailblazing company using technology to make your break room a place that fosters productivity and employee satisfaction.

How exactly does our technology benefit you? Read on to find out what types of technology you’ll find in Royal ReFresh break room solutions. Plus, how it transforms your break room space into an asset for the company.

Technology That Ensures Food Safety

Offering fresh food onsite is a great benefit for your team. It’s nourishment that lets them make the most of the workday. To keep that food fresh and ready for your employees at all hours, we use innovative systems.

TriTeq Locks
In your Albany micro-market, we use the TriTeq® food safety lock on the food cooler. This smart lock keeps coolers at a precise temperature. If a power loss occurs and the cooler warms to levels that don’t meet food safety protocols, the cooler will lock. That keeps your team from buying or eating anything but safe fresh food.

Omnicube Coolers
Another top piece of tech Royal ReFresh uses is omnicube. Why? These are cutting-edge coolers that keep refreshments at the ideal temp in our restocking vehicles. That means your Beaverton micro-market will have safe and fresh snacks 24/7.

Smart Card Payment Options
The employee experience is important in the break room. That’s why we opt to use smart card readers in our break room services, such as on Albany vending machines. Smart card technology allows our vending machines or micro-market kiosks to accept swipe, chip, and tap credit cards. Plus, it reads mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Wallet.

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Easy payments like this streamline buying in the break room and is convenient for the customer.

Better Office Coffee Technology

Ready to impress with Portland office coffee service? Try a Flavia coffee brewer. Unlike other single-cup coffee brewers, the Flavia is an office-only solution. None of your staff will have one at home. That creates a unique break room experience. Plus, the Flavia coffee brewer is high-tech. For example, you can create your cup of coffee using your smartphone. This adds speed, cleanliness, and the wow factor to onsite coffee breaks.

Avanti Micro-Markets

We place Avanti micro-markets, the leader in this tech. The kiosks come with backend systems such as analytics software and inventory monitoring that ensure great service. What else is there? Staff love the cashless point-of-sale and promotions. And, with the deep level reports, we know exactly what our customers are buying so we can stock the break room with the refreshments they want.

Intelligent Vending Machines

The vending equipment we place in local break rooms has the latest technology too. Your Portland vending machine includes sensors that ensure you get your item. Let’s say a drink doesn’t dispense on the first try, the vending machine senses it and will try again or provide an instant refund.

You can also count on your Albany snack vending machines and cold beverage machines to be energy efficient. From the lights to the compressor, our vending equipment is sustainable.

Gain the Upper Hand with Break Room Services Technology

Great refreshments in your break room can give you an advantage. Technology is how Royal ReFresh ensures your break room is the best it can be. With safe food handling, card and mobile payment readers, and even unique coffee brewers, we can help drive up employee satisfaction. That is what will set your company apart in the Portland area.

Ready to give technology driven break room solutions a try? Reach out to Royal ReFresh today! Contact us online or call (503) 704-9759. We tailor our services to your needs.

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