Embrace Healthy Habits in Your Portland Workplace

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Embrace Healthy Habits in Your Portland Workplace


As they say, “You are what you eat.” Portland employees who practice healthy habits are more alert. Thus, they are more focused and productive. This helps them crush their to-do lists. Additionally, companies can increase their work output. Therefore, employers benefit too.

Want to support your employees health and wellness in the new year? It starts with a better Eugene break room and premium refreshment services.  And, we’re here to help.  In our latest blog, we share our top three healthy habits to get your year started off the right way.

Healthy Habit #1: Fuel Your Body

Eating right has many benefits. This is especially true for workers. Employees who eat healthy food feel and perform at their best.

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Some of the top benefits of healthy eating at work include:

    • Increased energy
    • Improved focus
    • Fewer sick days
    • Boosted brain power

We can help keep your team on track. How? Through our break room solutions such as vending, micro-markets and office pantry services. For example, your team can purchase fresh  salads, sandwiches or wraps through our Salem micro-market solution. Or, enjoy protein bars and low-fat chips through our modern Portland vending machines.

Support your employees’ healthy habits with a Eugene micro-market. Buy fresh salads, soups, or wraps onsite 24/7.  We also offer subsidized micro-market services. Offer deep discounts on healthy products to your employees. Make them feel valued and appreciated by offering affordable healthy foods!

Healthy Habit #2: Move Your Body

In addition to healthy eating, employees should move their bodies. Make exercise a part of your workday. Physical activity is an instant pick-me-up. It also boosts your mood and lowers stress. Thus, exercise improves workplace morale. Happy employees work better together!

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Use these tips to move more at work:

    • Stand up from your desk and stretch
    • Try “exercise snacks” such as squats, lunges, jumping jacks throughout the workday to boost your energy level
    • Schedule walking meetings when possible rather than sitting in a conference room to keep your team engaged
    • Take the stairs when possible
    • Take a stroll on your lunch break
    • Join or start a walk/run club at your office
    • Get a workout in at the gym if your company offers it

Healthy Habit #3: Reset Your Body

Lastly, get plenty of shuteye. Aim for eight hours of sleep per night. Deep sleep supports physical and mental health and helps your body recharge and refuel.  It also helps you perform better at work.

Develop a bedtime ritual. Unwind with a warm bath or a good book. Avoid using electronic devices and consuming caffeine before bed.

Break Room Solutions to Support Your Healthy Habits

Help employees feel their best with premium break room services. Our fresh foods, vending machines, and micro-markets make smarter lifestyle choices easy.

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