COVID-19 and the Future of Portland Break Rooms

COVID-19 and the Future of Portland Break Rooms

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COVID-19 and the Future of Portland Break Rooms

There’s no denying that 2020 created many changes and challenges globally. At an industry level, we also saw many changes and challenges to Portland break rooms as well. Navigating this new world was like nothing we had seen before. However, we did our best to make the most of it and made adjustments in real-time. We updated our services and safety protocols to create safe, well-thought-out post-COVID-19 break rooms. 

Technology has always been at the forefront at Royal ReFresh, and we were reminded how critical technology is in post-COVID-19 Portland break rooms. It impacts every aspect of the future break room. 

Technology in the post-COVID-19 break room in Portland

Portland Break Room | Break Room Technology

Mobile payments are one of the most significant ways employees take advantage of a touchless break room. Whether you have a Portland vending machine or a micro-market, employees can use their mobile phones to make contactless purchases. Mobile purchases are as easy to make. Employees simply scan their product choices and complete their payments with a few clicks of their mobile phones. 

We’ve also added touchless functionality to our Waterlogic water coolers. Portland employees can use the cooler without touching the equipment. The coolers are retrofitted with pedals that allow employees to select and dispense water using their feet.

Backend Technology has also impacted the post-COVID-19 break room in a significant way

We’ve invested in advanced technology systems that allow us to know precisely when your Portland break room needs to be restocked. This allows us to reduce the number of trips we have to make to your break rooms. Moreover, it means that our route drivers only come into contact with your break room when necessary. 

Our Updated Safety Protocols for COVID-19 break rooms

As COVID-19 evolves and changes, you can expect that our safety protocols will change as well. Our staff will maintain a safe distance and practice handwashing. In addition, we will sanitize all equipment and kiosks when we service your vending machines and break rooms. We know that not all businesses are the same. So, we are more than happy to work with your office to create a safety plan and post-COVID-19 break room that makes you feel comfortable. 

For more information about our break room services, please contact Royal ReFresh at (503) 704.9759 or fill out our contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.

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