Brewing tea is a ritual in self-care

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Brewing tea is a ritual in self-care


Tea,  we drink this beloved beverage to get warm, to soothe ourselves on a rough day, for health benefits, and more. Whatever your reason, it is a wildly popular beverage worldwide. Relationships are formed, strangers become friends, and social bonds are strengthened over a cup of tea. To celebrate National Hot Tea Month, we’ve dedicated this blog to this delicious hot beverage.

Making the perfect cup of tea

The art of making tea is a ritual of self-care.  You boil the water to get it piping hot. You pour the hot water over the teabag and into your cup. And, finally, you savor it as it hits your system. Your body relaxes as you sip slowly. It forces you to slow down and be in the moment.

Tea throughout the day

Portland Tea Service | Portland Office Coffee Service | Micro-Markets | Refreshment Solutions | Portland Employees

People enjoy drinking all sorts of different teas. The primary types are black, green, white, oolong, pu-erh, and herbal. Start your day off right with a white tea since it is gentle on the stomach. By mid-morning, you can try green tea because it has a light and uplifting flavor. Head to your Portland micro-market cafe for a hearty lunch and enjoy a robust black tea with your meal since it’s widely available. However, choose one with a lower caffeine level if you are sensitive to caffeine.  In the late afternoon, try some pu-erh with a snack since it has a small amount of caffeine that will give you a small boost but not so much that you’ll be up all night. Finally, in the evening relax and sit back with an herbal blend such as Chamomile, Ginger, or Hibiscus.

Enjoy the benefits

Drinking this soothing hot beverage has many health benefits. It is packed with antioxidants that help keep our bodies young and protect them from toxins. Depending on the type of tea you drink, you can gain energy or find relaxation. It also helps boost the immune system, aids in digestion, lowers blood pressure, manages weight, and protects the heart, bones, and teeth.

Beverage breaks benefit Portland employees

If you’re thinking about offering employees a beverage service, we can help. Through Royal ReFresh’s Portland office coffee and tea service, we can set you up with popular brands that your employees will love. A hot beverage break is a perfect way to help employees build social bonds and discuss business challenges. In addition, a tea break can positively impact workplace morale.  To sum up, tea has been helping people come together for thousands of years and it will continue to do so for thousands more.

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