vending machines and office coffee service in Lake OswegoGet The Perfect Vending Machines For Your Lake Oswego Break Room

Bring the best vending machines to your Lake Oswego office with Royal Refresh. We fill your Lake Oswego vending machines with the latest flavors and brands and offer many types of vending machines, including food vending machines, beverage vending machines and snack vending machines. Each of these Lake Oswego vending machines features remote inventory monitoring and cashless payments, meaning your employees can pay with their debit/credit card or favorite mobile app!

Quality Office Coffee & Water Filtration Services For Your Lake Oswego Facilities

Give your Lake Oswego employees the coffee they deserve! At Royal Refresh we have a wide variety of exceptional coffee brewers to match any office volume. We will work alongside you to help you choose the correct brewer for your Lake Oswego business and employees. Each of our coffee brewing systems is complete with advanced brewing technology that keeps coffee warm and delicious all day long. At Royal Refresh we want to make sure your Lake Oswego office coffee experience is amazing, so we will even stock your break room with stir sticks, cups, cream, sugar and more!

The quality of your water is important, and at Royal Refresh we want to help you provide great tasting water to your Lake Oswego employees. Lake Oswego water filtration services remove impurities from tap water and give employees clean drinking water all day long!

vending service and micro-markets in Lake OswegoElite Micro-Markets Designed For Your Lake Oswego Offices

Let Royal Refresh assist you in designing your very own mini convenience store for your Lake Oswego office. Lake Oswego micro-markets can be designed perfectly for your specific office space. Each micro-market comes with its very own racks, coolers and displays stocked with your Lake Oswego employees favorite snacks, meals and beverages. Self-checkout kiosks are included with each micro-market store, making transactions convenient, safe and easy!

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