Portland Micro-Market Customers To Benefit From Avanti, 365 Retail Markets Merger

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Portland Micro-Market Customers To Benefit From Avanti, 365 Retail Markets Merger


When Royal ReFresh heard two of the largest micro-market producers merged, we were thrilled. Avanti Markets and 365 Retail Markets were long-time rivals that made amazing micro-markets. Late in 2021, the companies announced a merger. Since then, we have seen tons of benefits. For starters, we are no longer limited to offering our Portland micro-market customers just one type of micro-market system. We can now offer the full line of self-checkout options from two! Plus, there’s a lot more behind-the-scenes support that will deliver even better Portland break room services.

Your ideal micro-market

Seattle, WA-based Avanti Markets and Troy, MI-based 365 Retail Markets, both make excellent micro-market systems. Both offer a range of solutions. For example, there’s a range of full-size kiosks and smaller desktop self-checkouts from each company. Previously, we had to choose between the two companies. Now we don’t! We can look at all the Avanti AND 365 options, matching them to the needs of our customers. That’s a huge benefit. Basically, the merger doubled your choices. Now we can always install the perfect micro-market for your needs.

Greater support & services

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Besides kiosks, both Avanti and 365 offer micro-market support services. This could be customer support for people that have a micro-market account. Or, it could be technical support for new installations. The merger will improve this customer service and technical support. Why? Because now we have two teams dedicated to keeping our Portland micro-markets running well! It doesn’t matter which system you had in your Portland break room. You will get the support you need.

Yet, there is still more good news. Thanks to this merger, we expect some backend technology to improve as well. For instance, there will be more analytics in the micro-market software. This turns it into an inventory tracking system that updates as users buy items. It will tell us what beverages, food, and snacks we should bring for the next service to replace what was bought. Using these additional analytics will ensure we can create an ideal service schedule to keep your break room adequately stocked.

Benefits of a micro-market

Thus far, this has been about the benefits a merger brings to our Portland customers. However, we can’t help but discuss the benefits of micro-markets in general too. Why? Because micro-markets transform break room refreshment. Imagine top-selling snacks lined up on your break room wall. Without the spirals and slots of a vending machine, there are dozens more options. Explore today’s leading beverages on display in the glass-door cooler. You stroll through the micro-market choosing just the items you want. When you are ready, you visit the self-checkout kiosk. It’s fast, secure, and convenient – taking cash or cashless payment. Micro-markets highlight Portland break rooms. It’s one of our most popular refreshment solutions.

In the end, the merging of two great micro-market providers brings many benefits. Our customers get more choices to ideally fit their needs. Plus, more support and service. Who knows. These two companies might just come up with a new, innovative break room solution even better than a micro-market. Until then, we are here for all your needs. Contact Royal ReFresh at (503) 704-9759 for information about our micro-markets, office coffee, office pantry, or vending services. We look forward to working together!

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